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9:00~12:00 診療時間 診療時間 診療時間 診療時間 診療時間 診療時間 診療時間
15:00~19:00 診療時間 診療時間 診療時間 診療時間 診療時間 診療時間

▲ … 14:00~18:00[Doctor's no-consultation day] …

Thursday・Sunday・public holiday


Dentist isn't just

“curing the teeth”.

Dentist's original works are curing the teeth and taking care of patient's medical feeling.
Our hospital wants to help improving patient's quality of life.

Eliminate the

stress of mouth.

It seems such a small thing to have “zero cavity”, and “shining white teeth”, but for sure, it will certainly enrich your life.
It's great to have no stress with your mouth which you use everyday. I'm sure someday you will feel, “just teeth, but only teeth”!!!

Let's have 

painless treatment 

in between

relaxing chat!

Our counseling time is longer than the actual treatment time.
We do our best to make sure that our patient feels comfortable before starting any treatment.
Please come visit us to chat. When you're relaxed, it's more easy to open your mouth widely, and treatment goes smooth.

About seterilization.

All tools are




Renewal opened 

at May, 2015.

Welcome to new Doi Dental Office.
We've been totally renewaled after more than 35years followed by my father.


Medical assistance

Introduction of Director

I grew up 

looking at 

my father's back.

My father had worked here as a dentist for more than 35 years.
My goal is not “curing the tooth decay”, but “not to make the tooth decay”.

Always positive


I'm a positive, outgoing person. I don't like to look back in the past.
I think it's more worth it to think what would be the best, than looking back.
It's same in dental treatment. It's better to have tooth treatment rather than, suffering from tooth decay, which already you have.


・Born in Nagoya、 Japan in 1983
・Kaminokura Elementary School(Japan)
・Lancaster Christian Elementary School(PA,USA)
・Manheim Township Elementary School(PA,USA)
・Nanzan International Middle School(Japan)
・Nanzan International High School(Japan)
・Aichi Gakuin University of Dentistry(Japan)

affiliated academic society

【affiliated academic society】
◇Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
◇The Japanese Academy of Clinical Periodontology
◇Japanese Society of Oral Implantology
◇Japanese Society of Dentistry
◇Aichi Society of Dentistry
◇Nagoya Society of Dentistry
◇Midori ward Society of Dentistry


Experienced staff

Most of our staff has been working since my father's generation.
They probably knows more about patients' needs, than I do.
Please don't hesitate to ask them any questions or fears, they will always be there to talk to.


staff is fluent 

in English.

Reception staff and myself are fluent in English.
Please contact us without an anxiety.


Aquariums are

located at

our dentistry.

Fishing is one of my hobby. I go fishing when I have free time, catch
Some fish and put them in my aquarium!

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